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About Jetty Betty


I am Vanessa Floyd, owner of Jetty Betty Surf School. Born and raised in Half Moon Bay, I began surfing ten years ago at the local Surfers Beach. Once I first stood up on my first wave, I was hooked. Now ten years later, I'm here to teach you the basics I've learned by surfing the best waves all over the globe: Australia, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Oahu.

I've been teaching about four years and training for the past year to bring my surfing to the next level - riding the big waves with Jamila Star (world class BIG wave rider) as my mentor. Surfing is mostly mental so if you think you can, you absolutely will. I've developed some pretty powerful techniques to overcome any fears you may have and would love to share them with you.

Surfing in more than just a hobby, it is a passion, love and lifestyle. Imagine the beauty of being on the ocean at sunset with the vibrant colors and a sea that looks like glass - there is nothing more beautiful. An experience not to be missed - what are you waiting for?

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